Armasight Test and Measurement

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Armasight ANLDGREEN1 Optional "Green Light" LED $54.00$49.41

Armasight ANLD00RED1 Optional Red Light LED $54.00$49.41

Armasight ANAM000180 Riser for IR-XLR850 (40 mm) #180 $35.00$31.76

Armasight ANAM000181 Riser for IR-XLR850 (30 mm) #181 $35.00$31.76

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Armasight Test and Measurement

At Thermal Camera Experts, we know that thermal cameras are only one tool in your toolbox. We offer a variety of test and measurement instruments to help you work smarter, not harder. Rely on us for the right tool for the job, every time!