FLIR 334-0001-00S

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PathFindIRLE 7.5-Hertz, NTSC (CAMERA ONLY)

  • See suspects in total darkness
  • Driver's vision enhancement 
  • Surveillance
  • See through smoke 
  • Pursuit
  • Wide Angle Lens


  • Suspects can't hide their heat!
  • See four times beyond the range of headlights; officers get more time to react to road hazards.
  • Monitor the activity of suspects without their knowledge, in total darkness, from a distance.
  • FLIR's thermal imagers see right through smoke, allowing officers to respond safely in brush fire or tunnel fire situations.
  • Emergency vehicles travel at high speeds, so they take longer to stop and have an increased chance of an accident. PathFindIR LE helps drivers see hazards from farther away, giving them more time to react and reducing the likelihood of an accident - saving lives and property.
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