FLIR 431-0003-16-00S - Detector Size: 240 x 180 Sensor

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Scout TS24 Pro, 19mm lens, , PAL 8.3 Hz video

  • Scout TS24 Pro, 19mm lens, , PAL 8.3 Hz video
  • Two Resolution/Detector Options: Choose from a crisp 240 × 180 resolution image or the even more astonishing 320 × 240 resolution.
  • Multiple Lens Options: 19 mm lens with a 24° field of view; long-range 65 mm lens with a 7° field of view.
  • Easy Operation: Engage power, recording,* zooming,* brightness and polarity at the push of a button. 
  • Shuttered Eyepiece: Seals light in the viewfinder so you won’t alert animals or other targets to your location.
  • SD Card Slot: Store still images and video on a removable SD card.*
  • USB2 Connection: Permits rapid transfer of still images and video to a PC.*

       *Pro models only.

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