FLIR 431-0006-06-00S - Detector Size: 640 x 480 Sensor

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Scout BTS-XR Pro, PAL 8.3 Hz video

  •  Scout BTS-XR Pro PAL 8.3 Hz video
  • Quick-Disconnect Modularity: Choose one or all of the following lenses: 35 mm, 65 mm, and 100 mm.
  • Extended Range Options: Standard 320 x 240 with 2x digital e-zoom is powerful enough for you to detect a human about 2 kilometers away. Optional 640 x 480 resolution comes with up to 4x digital e-zoom that is powerful enough to detect a human almost 2.5 kilometers away.
  • Fast Power & Battery Swap: Latched door offers quick access to batteries. “Snap” FLIR Scout BTS Bi-Ocular onto its quick-release hot shoe to switch instantly to AC power.
  • Standard Photo & Video Capture: One-touch recording, focus, and zoom is a necessity in the field when your target is on the move.
  • Lens Protection: Raised rubber sleeves and captive low-profile lens caps protect your lens investment.
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