FLIR E6-B Industrial Thermal Cameras - Detector Size: 160 x 120 Sensor

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FLIR E6-B IR Camera w/MSX 160 x 120 Resolution/9Hz -Limited temperature Range

  • FLIR E6-B Thermal Imager 160 × 120 (19,200 Pixels)
  • Limited Temperature Range: 0° F to 302°F
  • New Feature: Adjustable Level & Span - Thermally Tune your images
  • MSX technology automatically extracts the critical details from the visible image and embosses them on to the thermal image 
  • FLIR E6 represents a breakthrough in price vs performance
  • Sharp Industrial design, feels great in your hands
  • MSX is better than video blending – video blending dilutes the thermal image where MSX augments the thermal image with just the critical visible details
  • Big bright display 3’’ 200 percent larger display than competing units
  • Innovative “Dark Precision” user interface has a simple central button access point and on-screen tool tips
  • Rubberized - Encased in rubber, lens cap built in, 2 Meter drop test!
  • Thermal sensitivity .15C
  • FLIR Thermal detector has 19,200 pixels and a 10 year warranty and (320 x 240) MSX resolution on all unit.
  • PC and Mac Compatible, Yes you can use your Mac with this camera as well
  • Screen 46% larger than I series
  • Removable tool-style Li-Ion battery.  Quick re-charge via USB style charger
  • Larger 45° FOV See more of what you are looking at!!!
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