FLIR One iOS KIT Industrial Thermal Cameras - Detector Size: 160 x 120 Sensor

FLIR ONE is a great tool; recommended vendor


Needed a FLIR ONE in nine days for a sales demo. After some Internet searching, contacted this company by phone.

Had a detailed chat with sales manager. Very informed, pleasant. However, was told product (FLIR ONE for iPhone) was backordered. Placed the order anyway, since credit card wouldn't be charged until unit had shipped.

Placed the order on Thursday; was told to expect it to be *shipped* in 7-10 days, pending receipt of the next shipment. Thus, I wouldn't receive it in time for my sales demo. Imagine the surprise when an email arrived two days later stating that the order had been shipped. Apparently a shipment had been received. I got it in four days--in time to allow familiarization prior to the demo.

While I'm sure that not all orders will be shipped earlier than promised, this order was important, as it allowed me to utilize the unit for an important demo.

Also, this is the only vendor I've found offering an extender that allows the FLIR ONE to be attached to an iPhone with a case, eliminating the need to remove the case to use the FLIR ONE. An additional bonus: the FLIR ONE/extender combination was on sale.

The FLIR ONE works great--just what is needed. Great tool.

This will be my initial go-to vendor for tech equipment.

thecmkid on Nov 10, 2015 I found this helpful (0)

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