FLIR T440bx-KIT-15 Industrial Thermal Cameras - Detector Size: 320 x 240 Sensor

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FLIR T440bx with standard and 15 Degree Lens (15 Degree, f=30mm) w/Case

  • Rotatable Optical Block - Allows you to aim the lens down or up along a 120 degree axis as it keeps the display at a comfortable eye level.
  • MSX Enhancement is a new on board Dynamic Multi-Spectral Imaging enhances visible light spectrum definition with real time Infrared images for phenomenal detail & instantaneous location orientation, along with quality so high, you don't need separate photos for your reports *(T440 & T640 only)
  • Picture in Picture & Thermal Fusion - Blend visible and thermal infrared images onscreen so you can clearly identify targets; use the fusion threshold for isolating hotspots in a particular scene
  • Manual and Autofocus - Use the manual control option or push button fast autofocus to capture accurate image
  • Continuous Autofocus - Thermography's 1st fully automatic focus keeps images extremely clear wherever you are aiming; accuracy and clarity couldn't be easier *(T640 only)
  • Annotation - Add text comments or voice to your images or utilize the touchscreen for sketching drawings and notes; automatically include extra measurements using Bluetooth w/ Extech MeterLink moisture and clamp metersSketch on IR and Visual - Quickly draw pointers and circles on your image to highlight a special area of interest with the touchscreen *(T440 & T640 only)
  • Compass - Add the camera's pointing direction documentation to FLIR T640 bx and T440 bx images
  • GPS - Add your location data automatically to FLIR T640 and T620 images to include in your report
  • FLIR Tools Mobile - The newest mobile application for Android and Apple connects your device to FLIR T-Series infrared cameras for quick image sharing, processing, and transfer as well as live streaming video & remote control
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