FLIR T620bx Thermal Camera with 25 Degree lens

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FLIR T620bx Bldg IR Camera 640 x 480 Resolution/30Hz w/15 Lens

  • Highest IR Resolution in Its Class – Crisp thermal images with 307,200 pixels (640 × 480) for the best detection, pictures, and temperature measurements from long range
  • New! MSX™ Enhancement – Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging adds visible spectrum defi nition to IR images in real time for excellent thermal detail that instantly highlights problem locations (T640bx only)
  • New! Field of View (FOV) Match – Option to match the visible camera fi eld of view to the IR FOV for better documentation
  • New! GPS – Automatically adds location data to images for including in reports (live link in FLIR Tools Reports to Google Maps)
  • New! Compass – Adds camera pointing direction to every image for additional location documentation (T640bx only)
  • Programmable Button – Provides easy access to favorite functions
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity – Send images/data to smartphones and tablets and share information with the FLIR Tools Mobile for Apple® and Android™ (live video streaming & remote control via the mobile device)
  • Accuracy – Calibrated within +/– 2°C or +/– 2% of reading
  • Temperature Range – measures to 1202°F (650°C)
  • Scalable P-i-P and Thermal Fusion – Blend thermal with visible light images on-screen; includes picture-in-picture window sizing
  • Humidity, Dew Point, & Insulation Alarms – Alerts user when it detects moisture intrusion and insulation issues
  • Multiple Measurements – 10 measurement spots, 5 box areas, Delta T temperature differential, isotherm, & auto hot/cold markers
  • METERLiNK® – Wirelessly transmit vital diagnostic data from clamp and moisture meters directly to the camera for annotating thermal images to further support fi ndings and decisions
  • Annotation – Add voice comments via Bluetooth headset and text notes from the touchscreen keypad. New! T640bx has image sketch feature to draw circles and pointers on IR/Visual stored images
  • InstantReport – Create PDF document directly from the camera
  • Highest performance with the latest technology: The T620bx camera is equipped with the innovative ‘Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX)’ feature, which produces an image richer in detail than ever before.
  • Ground-breaking efficiency: You can highlight objects of interest, on both the IR and the visual images, by sketching or adding pre-defined stamps directly on the camera’s capacitive touch screen. The user interface is intuitive and logical for effective operation. Auto-orientation allows you to tilt between landscape and portrait views.
  • Extensive communication options: The Wi-Fi connectivity of the T620bx allows you to connect to smart phones or tablet PCs for the wireless transfer of images or the remote control of the camera. The Bluetooth-based Meterlink function transfers readings from external measurement instruments to the IR image.
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