FLIR T640bx-NIST-15 T640bx with NIST Calibration, w/15° Lens, 30Hz

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FLIR T640bx with NIST Calibration, w/15 Degree Lens, 30Hz

  • FLIR T640bx with NIST Calibration, w/15° Lens
  • Advanced Optics - A range of lens options includes our new, light 7° telephoto lens that provides astounding clarity, accuracy, and portability for imaging overhead and distant targets. 8× digital zoom
  • Thermal Fusion & P-i-P - Blend thermal and visible light images onscreen to identify targets and locations easily; use fusion “threshold” to isolate hotspots in a scene.
  • Highest IR Resolution in Its Class - Crisp thermal images with 307,200 pixels (640 × 480) for the best detection, pictures, and temperature measurements from long range.
  • More Measurement Tools - Report all the details with 10 measurement spots, 5 box areas, Delta T temperature differential, isotherm, and auto hot/cold markers.
  • New! GPS - Built-in GPS automatically adds location data to images for including in reports.
  • Bluetooth to MeterLink, Smartphone, and PC devices
  • Temperature calibration standard at 650°C
  • Thermal sensitivity of 0.04°C
  • Voice, text, and sketch annotation
  • MPEG4 non-radiometric IR or daylight video recording to SD card
  • Realtime video frame rate
  • 5 MP visible light camera with lamp
  • 4.3” bright touchscreen LCD
  • Connect to iPhone and iPad via Wi-Fi. MPEG4 streaming video over Wi-Fi
  • FLIR Tools software for camera updates
  • InstantReport
  • Built in color viewfinder for easier viewing in bright environments
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