Fluke 481-DESI Dose Equivalent SI Ion Chamber Survey Meter

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High Sensitivity Pressurized Ion Chamber Survey Meter (Sv and Sv/h)

  • 30% more precise than other available meters
  • Delivers more than one week of uninterrupted functioning with two 9-volt alkaline batteries
  • Proven in use by state and local governmental emergency response professionals, state inspectors, HAZMAT teams and nuclear power workers
  • Measures both dose and dose-rate in Sieverts (Sv) and Sieverts/hour (Sv/h).
  • Detects skin-dose (beta particle) and deep-dose (gamma) and X-ray radioactivity
  • Requires no adjustments; simple two button process
  • Provides promptly read, correct value through autoranging capability
  • Easily visible inside truck trailers and other low-light situations with automated backlight
  • Works dependably inside or outside thanks to sealed case
  • Rugged Fluke design
  • Valuable for contamination-detection, general radiation area metering, radiation-level monitoring, and hazardous materials assessment
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