HT Instruments


HT Instruments is an Italian manufacturer of safety testers and other test equipment such as thermal cameras. The company maintains close collaboration with its customers in order to develop more innovative solutions that make the customer's job easier.

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HT Instruments is an Italian test equipment manufacturer. The company was founded in 1983. Since 1992 HT Instruments has kept its design and manufacturing activities in-house. By doing this company improved its product quality exponentially and streamlined its manufacturing processes. HT Instruments' R&D department is able to perform research and pass information to design or manufacturing departments with no delay. The result is less waiting, fewer mistakes, and reduced cost to you, the customer. Very few companies today can say that their manufacturing process is completely in-house from research to distribution.
HT Instruments has produced many innovative instruments in recent history. These include the GSC series of safety testers/single- and three-phase power quality analyzers, the ZG47 multi-function tester with Bluetooth, and a range of solar multifunction testers. Additionally, HT Instruments has recently come out with a line of thermal cameras. They are called the THT series. These thermal cameras are designed for building diagnosis and industrial use. The primary feature of these cameras is the widescreen color LCD display with capacitive touch-screen. With minimal physical buttons to push, these thermal imaging cameras allow really intuitive operations with finger touch selections. The THT series of thermal cameras from HT also allows you to save thermal and visual images to an SD card for transfer to PC. Thermal video recording is also possible. On top of all this, with a 384x288 pixel resolution and a readable temperature range of -20°C to 400°C, these thermal cameras from HT are an impressive yet affordable addition to the market.