Hioki 3169-20-01/100 KIT CLAMP ON POWER HiTESTER, 100A Current Range Custom Kit

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100 A Kit. (3169-20 w/ 4 x 9660, SF1001, 3169 M-Case, 9728)

  • 100A Current Range
  • Kit includes (3169-20) CLAMP ON POWER HiTESTER, 4x (9660) CLAMP ON SENSOR, (SF1001) Power Logger Viewer, 3169 M-Case, and (9728) PC CARD 512M
  • Measure up to two 3-phase, 3-wire systems (displays voltage and current for three lines) Measure up to four single-phase, 2-wire systems
  • Data can be saved onto a PC card
  • Compact and light weight
  • Power recording for individual waveforms
  • Simultaneous recording of demand values and harmonics
  • High-speed and continuous processing to measure individual waveforms
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