Hioki 3169-21-01/1000 Power Loggers - Maximum Current AC: 1000 A

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Power Demand Analyzer (Custom 1000A Kit) With 9669 Clamp On Sensors

  • Includes 4 Hioki 9669 Clamp On Sensors
  • Custom 1000A Kit
  • Measure Power Lines of Up to Four Systems (with a common voltage)
  • A Wide Range of Measurement Functions
  • Equipped with ranges from 5 A to 5000 A
  • Supports high-speed data storage from individual waveforms
  • PC Card compatible plus internal hard drive for extra memory
  • Housed in a compact A5 body size
  • Multi-language Compatibility
  • Detect incorrect connection using vector diagrams
  • Polarity display and measurement using the reactive power measurement method
  • High-speed D/A output
  • Ideal for power and harmonics management
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