Hioki 3238-01 Benchtop Multimeter - Type: Digital

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Multi-functional Digital Multimeter with 0.01% DCV Accuracy for High Precision Bench Testing. Built-in RS-232C and GP-IB

  • Samples at rates of up to 300 samples/sec. (3.3 ms/sample)
  • Comparator function provides high-speed pass/fail evaluation
  • Equipped with external input and output for sequence control
  • Usefull Save/Load function helps work go faster
  • Low power resistance measurement function prevents sample deterioration
  • True RMS value measurement
  • with GP-IB
  • Interface supports full remote operation
  • High accuracy, multi-functional model
  • DC V basic accuracy: ±0.01% rdg.±2dgt.
  • Includes frequency measurement for AC and DC A
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