Hioki 3290-10 Clamp Meters - Type: Standard Style

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AC/DC Clamp On HiTester (TRMS) - With Integrating Function. CLAMP NOT INCLUDED

  • Choice of three sensors (Examples)
    3290+9691 : Measure up to 100A
    3290+9692 : Measure up to 200A
    3290+9693 : Measure up to 2000A
  • Choice of measurement methods DC (for battery measurement), AC+DC RMS (for full/half-wave rectification measurement), AC RMS (for current distortion measurement), PEAK (for peak value measurement) of inrush current, etc.)
  • Choice of output (Simultaneous output) Effective value output, frequency output, waveform output
  • AC+DC mode measures true rms current of full- and half-wave rectified waveforms and inverter output waveforms from 1 Hz
  • Peak mode measures the maximum waveform amplitude of in-rush current at device startup
  • Maximum, Minimum and Mean value modes easily measure current variations in lines with severely fluctuating loads
  • Simultaneous waveform and rms output enables rms and waveform or frequency fluctuations to be externally recorded together
  • Selectable measurement response time enables setting the instrument response to suit changes in load current
  • LPF (fc = 550 Hz) filters out unnecessary harmonic currents and noise
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