Phenix 4160-5B - Portable DC Hipots 160 kVDC 5mA with Beaglebone

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  • Portable DC Hipots 160 kVDC 5mA with Beaglebone
  • Adjustable overload circuit with indicator and reset switch
  • Slow and fast-acting transient protection on all meters and relays
  • Built-in discharge circuit
  • High voltage On/Off push buttons with indicators
  • Zero Start interlock
  • Manual control of output voltage
  • Digital multi-range metering
  • Meters calibrated with standards certified by NIST. A traceable sticker is affixed to the faceplate.
  • Thermal resettable overload protecting high voltage transformer primary circuits.
  • Guard mode for accurate current measurements
  • Circuit breaker protection
  • External interlock provision
  • Very low ripple, <2% RMS at full output
  • Filtered voltage doubler circuit, equivalent to full wave rectification
  • Cable storage provision
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