Pulsar Thermal Outdoor and Hunting Thermal Cameras

Pulsar 805 Laser IR Flashlight PL79071

Catalog: PL79071

  • Weapon Mountable: Yes
  • Lens Size: 35
  • Unique Features: 805nm Wavelength
  • Warranty: 3 YEARS
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Pulsar Thermal Outdoor and Hunting Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras are now accepted as an integral tool for hikers, ranchers, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts and guides. They can be used for tracking and location identification of game and personnel in total darkness, smoke and fog. Thermal Cameras are used to measure surface temperature and temperature differential of surrounding areas and are now used for the hunter and outdoor enthusiast as well as for Industrial, Residential, Law Enforcement, First Responders, Fire, Security and Marine Safety uses. Handheld thermal cameras offers the user the ability to see objects and game clearly in total darkness. These cameras are powered by the same advanced thermal camera technology that is used in military and law enforcement.

These thermal cameras are designed for the user in the field and are easy to pack, easy to use and deliver a high-quality thermal image. They are powerful personal thermal cameras that are affordable enough to give every outdoors-man the unsurpassed practical advantages of full-resolution thermal imaging night vision.

Suggested Personnel for Outdoor Thermal Cameras

  • BLM Officers
  • Forest Service Rangers
  • Fire Lookouts
  • Search & Rescue
  • Ranch Management
  • Professional Guides
  • Expert Outdoorsmen
  • Trackers

Camera Options to Consider

  • Different Pixel Resolutions
  • A Variety of Image and Video Capture Options
  • Storage Options
  • Multiple Lens Options
  • Shuttered Eyepiece
  • Rugged All-Weather Design
  • Battery Operation
  • Ready to Go When You Are – Battery operation with field-swappable AA common batteries plus Power In/Charging,
  • RCA Video Output
  • Three (3) Selectable Palettes – White Hot, Black Hot, and the powerful Instalert™ detection

Outdoor and Hunting Thermal Camera Advantages

  • Track and Stay Safe
  • Search as a Volunteer
  • Explore the Wild
  • Identify Uninvited Guests
  • Locate the Herd
  • Navigate with Confidence
  • Guard Your Safety
  • Guide and See at Night

The right Thermal Camera will add hours of pleasure, competitiveness and success for any outdoorsman. Please see the attached brochure at the link below for additional information for Camera selection or go to the buying guide for additional product information or call one of our Certified Thermographers for a discussion of your application and needs.