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Viper All Thermal Cameras by Department

Thermal Cameras have played an important role in Safety and Security developments for over the past 60+ years. For most of us, these Cameras have become an essential tool to be used for many applications, but always with safety of life and the reduction of dangerous conditions being the primary concern. Although we now take for granted the availability of Cameras that meet all budget constraints and almost unlimited features and benefits, the Camera (or Thermal Imager) did not make its appearance in Industry until the mid-1900’s.The first cameras produced line by line printing and took nearly 1 hour to produce an image. Initially the development of the Camera was for Military purposes, but towards the end of the 1990’s, the development of the Camera, as we know it today, became commercially and strategically available.

Due to the high cost and complex nature of the initial Thermal Cameras, they were used primarily for applications in the Military, Medical and Specialized Industrial fields. As more industries noticed the inherent value of the life saving capabilities as well as the reduction in downtime costs and with the addition of many easy to understand features, thermal cameras have now became a necessary and essential tool for many applications. Since Thermal Cameras display temperature and temperature differential based on radiated surface energy, they can be used any time of day or night. There are literally unlimited applications. Here are a few applications that you’ll be able to review and evaluate when visiting the Product Departments in this section.
  • Industrial … Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC and NFPA 70E Safety
  • Commercial…Roofing, Insulation, Power
  • Residential…Insulation, Construction, Incoming Power, Security
  • Law Enforcement…Criminal & Suspect Location, Search & Rescue, Tactical Advantages, Officer Safety
  • Firefighting…Locate Casualties in Smoke, Flashover Potential, Hot Spots
  • Maritime First Responders… Search & Rescue, Nighttime Navigation, Officer Safety
  • Hunting…Tracking Game, Personnel Safety and Location,
  • Transportation…Safe Mechanical Operation, Prevent & Predict Road Hazards
  • Home Land Security….Border Patrol, Nighttime Officer Safety
Thermal Cameras are now easy to use and understand and have many features that you might consider before choosing the camera specific for your application. Here are some features you may want to discuss. Each Product Department contains additional information on these features.
  • Detector Size (Pixel Array)…usually given as a matrix i.e. 120x120, 360 x 240, etc.
  • Temperature Range (Deg C/ Deg F)…minimum and maximum measured ranges
  • Thermal Sensitivity (Deg C or mK millikelvins)
  • Field of View FOV…the viewed image usually lens specific
  • Refresh Rate Hz…frames per second update
  • Graphic Display…thermal or thermal and digital combined
  • Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth…smart technology capability
  • Start-up Time…may be appropriate for First Responders
  • Memory Capability…card or downloadable , graphics or video
  • Voice Annotation…site information for graphics explanation
For an introduction to Thermal Camera use, please watch the following video.

The following few graphics below are typical of the variety of Thermal Pictures that can be taken and used in a variety of industries and for Safety Professionals. Each picture has its own explanation.
Figure A Figure B
hot_breaker_TCE thermal_breaker_TCE

Both graphics above display the capability of today’s Thermal Cameras. Figure A demonstrates the high clarity, precision and detail that accompany today’s cameras while Figure B displays the capability of visually combining both thermal and digital graphics.
The three identical graphics below indicate a digital view, a thermal view and a combined view.


Look how far we’ve come. The picture below shows the thermal camera image being sent to a variety of “Smart” devices.


The following important video, done by Rick Bridges (RB), one of our in-house Certified Thermographers, explains the many choices you may have when choosing your Thermal Camera.

For many, a Thermal Camera is no longer an optional accessory but an essential diagnostic tool used for Plant Maintenance, Criminal Pursuit, Faster Search & Rescue, Hazard Prevention and Personnel Safety. For additional information or assistance with your application, please call one of our Certified Experts at 1-877-571-7903 or online chat with us!