Extech Instruments is a full-line supplier of handheld electronic measuring equipment, other handheld measuring instruments, thermal imaging cameras, and portable printers. They offer the Extech Advantage™, providing innovation, selection, and support to all of their customers.

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Extech Instruments is an American manufacturer of test and measurement equipment including thermal imaging cameras. The company has been known for a broad, high quality product line since its founding in 1970. Extech was acquired by FLIR Systems in 2007. This merger of two powerful instrument manufacturers has made Extech a force to be reckoned with in the thermal camera market.
Extech's partnership with FLIR has supercharged the company's thermal camera offerings. The company now distributes FLIR-made industrial/building diagnostic thermal cameras such as the FLIR i-series, E-series, and T-series. These thermal cameras are some of the best on the market today. Many, such as the excellent and affordable Ex-series, feature revolutionary FLIR MSX technology. This technology extracts the high-contrast details from the thermal camera's built-in digital camera and overlays them with the thermal image in real time, enhancing detail such as ID tags and making troubleshooting quicker and easier. Extech also offers its FLIR-made thermal imaging cameras packaged with some of its own handheld test instruments, such as moisture meters, hygro-thermometers, and humidity dataloggers.
FLIR began in 1978 by manufacturing thermal equipment for use in energy audits. Today, the company specializes in thermal imaging cameras for law enforcement and military air and land vehicles, thermal cameras for monitoring industrial systems, and comprehensive thermal imaging camera systems for use in ground-based security, law enforcement, and search and rescue. Today FLIR has become a globally recognized major manufacturer of thermal cameras and maintains many major government and corporate customers as well as civilian customers. For civilian commercial applications, FLIR offers products for use where the primary requirements are to either see at night and in adverse conditions or to detect and measure minute temperature differences.