FLIR is the world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of thermal imaging infrared cameras. They offer applications for government, commercial, and personal use across a global market.

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FLIR Systems is the best-known manufacturer of thermal cameras worldwide. FLIR has been developing thermal cameras since 1978. From beginnings manufacturing vehicle mounted systems for energy audits, FLIR has been able to expand its product line to include thermal cameras for virtually every application. FLIR is also known for its revolutionary MSX technology which is included with most industrial/building diagnostic thermal imaging cameras. This technology essentially extracts the high-contrast details from the thermal camera's built-in digital camera and overlays them with the thermal image in real time.

Current thermal imaging camera categories from FLIR include:
  • Building Diagnostics – FLIR thermal cameras for building diagnostics allow you to maximize your energy efficiency by pinpointing the exact locations of leaks, moisture, and electrical problems in a building. This category includes the popular E-series of thermal cameras. The majority of these thermal cameras also incorporate FLIR MSX technology.
  • First Responder – First responder thermal imaging cameras are designed for police and fire department use. Police thermal cameras include handheld thermal monocular and bi-ocular cameras for easy spotting of suspects in total darkness, through smoke, moderate fog, and light foliage without giving away your location. Fire thermal cameras like the FLIR K-series are designed for firefighters and feature controls that are easy to use even with thick gloves on. These cameras are essential for protecting the lives of firefighters and the lives of those in need of rescue.
  • Personal Vision – This category includes thermal cameras for hunting use. Similar to the handheld monocular thermal cameras for police use, these thermal cameras turn night into day in the woods. Whether you are hunting, hiking, or searching for trespassers or predators, these relatively affordable thermal imaging cameras are perfect for outdoor use.
  • Maritime – FLIR has designed a complete line of handheld and fixed-mount thermal imaging cameras for maritime use. These thermal cameras are essential if you plan on boating at night. Easily identify hazards and obstacles or locate people in the water with a FLIR maritime thermal imaging camera. Additionally, all FLIR fixed-mount maritime thermal cameras feature gyro-stabilization for a steady view even in rough seas.
  • Security – This category includes mainly fixed-mount thermal and night vision security cameras. These thermal cameras greatly enhance any security network by effectively turning night into day. No one can hide from a camera that can see heat through darkness, smoke, and most other obstructions.
  • Surveillance – This segment encompasses thermal cameras designed mainly for military applications. Examples of surveillance thermal cameras include thermal gun scopes and targeting systems, thermal spotting scopes and binoculars, and thermal vehicle vision enhancement for land, fixed and rotary wing air, and marine vehicles.