FLIR Outdoor and Hunting Thermal Cameras

FLIR Outdoor and Hunting Thermal Cameras

FLIR Outdoor thermal cameras are now accepted as an integral tool for hikers, ranchers, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts and guides. They can be used for tracking and locating game and personnel in total darkness, smoke and fog. Thermal Cameras are used to measure surface temperature and temperature differential. FLIR's revolutionary microbolometer sensor has made this technology accessible. It is now used regularly by the hunter or outdoor enthusiast as well as many others, such as Law Enforcement, Fire First Responders, Security and Marine Safety personnel. FLIR Scout outdoor thermal cameras offer users the ability to see objects and game clearly in total darkness. These cameras are powered by the same advanced thermal camera technology that is used in FLIR's military and law enforcement thermal cameras.

FLIR Scout outdoor thermal cameras are designed for the user in the field and are very compact, easy to use, and deliver a high-quality thermal image. They are powerful personal thermal cameras that are affordable enough to give every outdoorsman the unsurpassed practical advantages of full-resolution thermal imaging night vision.

Typical Users of FLIR Outdoor Thermal Cameras:

  • BLM Officers
  • Forest Service Rangers
  • Fire Lookouts
  • Search & Rescue
  • Ranch Management
  • Professional Guides
  • Expert Outdoorsmen
  • Trackers

FLIR Outdoor Thermal Camera Features

FLIR Thermal Cameras are set apart from other brands of camera chiefly because they are affordable, but also because they incorporate an unmatched number of special features.

FLIR Thermal Camera Features to Consider:

  • Different Pixel Resolutions - FLIR Outdoor Thermal Cameras feature resolutions from 240x180 up to 640x480 for better long range performance. There is a FLIR camera option for every budget and application.
  • Monocular or Biocular design - The FLIR Scour BTS-Series features a Biocular design. These cameras are the most powerful FLIR Outdoor Thermal Cameras for long range. Easily see a man sized target at 1 1/4 miles.
  • Multiple Lens Options add versatility by increasing long range performance. The BTS-Series accepts 35mm, 65mm, and 100mm quick disconnect lenses and the TS-Series accepts 65mm. 
  • Shuttered Eyepiece keeps your location a secret
  • Ready to Go When You Are – Battery operation with easily changed common AA batteries, rechargeables, or Power In
  • Three (3) Selectable Palettes – White Hot, Black Hot, and the powerful Instalert™ detection
For more inforamtion about FLIR Scout Outdoor Thermal Cameras, click the link below. This brochure from FLIR compares the various models within the FLIR Scout family.

The right Thermal Camera will add hours of pleasure, competitiveness and success for any outdoorsman. Please see our Outdoor Thermal Camera Buying Guide for additional product information or call one of our Certified Thermographers for a discussion of your application and needs.