Fluke is a multi-national corporation currently owned by the Danaher Corporation. The company has grown to become one of the major manufacturers of industrial and electrical test equipment worldwide. The company's thermal cameras are equipped with many impressive features, making them a powerful force in the thermal camera market today.

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Fluke was founded in 1948. Over the years the company has grown to become perhaps the most well-known test equipment manufacturer on the market today. Today the company has expanded and offers precision measurement and calibration equipment through Fluke Calibration, data communications tools via Fluke Networks, and medical equipment under Fluke Biomedical. Fluke has made several major achievements over the years as well. The company developed revolutionary thermal imaging camera technology that made thermal imagers easier to use and drove market price downward by over $15,000. Fluke also developed the first wireless multimeter with a detachable display in 2009, which has evolved today into the groundbreaking Fluke CNX system of wireless meters. Fluke is owned today by the Danaher Corporation. Danaher is a global conglomerate founded in 1969 that today employs about 63,000 people. Danaher had a net income of $2.4 billion in 2012 and also achieved sales of $18.3 billion in the same year.

Fluke offers multiple excellent thermal cameras for building diagnostic and industrial use. Many of these cameras come equipped with various special features offered exclusively by Fluke. The most impressive of these features is Fluke's IR-Fusion® technology with AutoblendTM mode. IR-Fusion® makes it easier for you, the user, to keep track of your findings and see problems in context as you would normally see. This is done in AutoblendTM mode on your thermal camera by overlaying a thermal image with a standard digital image of the area under test. Other features include Fluke's helpful LaserSharp® Auto Focus, which uses a laser to focus on a specific, user-defined location and measure the distance, giving you perfect focus on exactly what you want to see. Fluke IR-OptiFlexTM is another feature helpful for accurate focusing. It allows you to switch between focus-free and manual focus with one finger. Use focus-free for 4ft and farther focusing then switch to manual focus for close-up focusing. In addition to all this, Fluke thermal cameras come standard with Fluke's SmartView® Software. This software gives you the ability to optimize and review images after shooting on your PC.

The video below gives a complete overview of Fluke's 
IR-Fusion® technology with AutoblendTM