Fluke Industrial Thermal Cameras

Fluke TIX580 60HZ Industrial Thermal Cameras - Detector Size: 640 x 480 Sensor

Catalog: 4842073

  • Detector Size: 640 x 480 Sensor
  • Thermal Sensitivity: 50 mK (NETD)
  • Temperature Range Max: 1472 F
  • Temperature Range Min: -4 F
  • Image Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Screen Size: 5.7 IN

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Fluke 279FC I/B Wireless TRMS Thermal Multimeter with iFlex and EXTRA Battery

Catalog: 4989200

  • Detector Size: 80 x 60 Sensor
  • Thermal Sensitivity: 200 mK (NETD)
  • Temperature Range Max: 392 F
  • Temperature Range Min: 14 F
  • Image Frequency: 8 Hz
  • Field of View: 36x27 Degrees

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Fluke RSE300 60 Hz

Catalog: 4944776

  • Detector Size: 320 x 240 Sensor
  • Thermal Sensitivity: 30 mK (NETD)
  • Temperature Range Max: 2192 F
  • Temperature Range Min: 14 F
  • Image Frequency: 60 Hz
  • IR/Overlay Fusion Image: Yes

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Fluke TiX1000 Infrared Camera

Catalog: 4574901

  • Detector Size: 1024 x 768 Sensor
  • Thermal Sensitivity: 50 mK (NETD)
  • Temperature Range Max: 2192 F
  • Temperature Range Min: -40 F
  • Image Frequency: 30 Hz
  • Field of View: 33x25 Degrees

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Fluke Industrial Thermal Cameras

Fluke Features

All Fluke Thermal Cameras come equipped with a range of special features. Check out the list below. Then, read on for explanations of some of the most notable features.
  • Digital Display – Fluke IR-Fusion® with Autoblend
  • Focus Capability - Fluke LaserSharp® Auto Focus
  • Memory and Data Logging Capability
  • Wireless Capability - Fluke CNX system
  • Software - license free Fluke SmartView®. With Fluke always get the best camera software version and upgrades at no extra charge
  • Built in electronic compass
  • Adjustable Emissivity Capability
  • Integrated Flashlight or Laser
  • Ti1xx and higher models have Fluke patented Smart Battery System. At the touch of a button get charge life from an LED bargraph. Batteries are easy to remove and replace, with or without gloves
  • Enclosure IP and CAT Location Ratings
  • Drop Test Capability
  • Fluke Blackbody Calibrators available for precise re-calibration

Fluke IR-Fusion® Technology with AutoBlendTM

IR-Fusion is a revolutionary thermal imaging technology from Fluke specifically designed for industrial applications. When using Fluke's AutoBlendTM mode this technology combines identical digital and thermal images in-camera. Images are perfectly matched down to the pixel so you can be sure your IR-Fusion® image is accurate. All this makes it possible to clearly see equipment labels and other minute details in a thermal image. Without IR-Fusion® with AutoblendTM it would take much longer to pinpoint the exact hot location. The image below shows an example of AutoBlendTM and how it differs from standard display modes.

Fluke LaserSharp® Auto Focus

Fluke's LaserSharp® Auto Focus is available on Fluke Ti200 and higher models. This is perhaps the most helpful feature Fluke ever created for its thermal cameras. LaserSharp® Auto Focus, as the name suggests, uses a laser to focus on a specific, user-defined location. By measuring the distance to the defined area like a laser distance meter would, Fluke cameras with LaserSharp® Auto Focus are able to provide exact focus on whatever the laser points to, even if that spot is behind a fence or other foreground obstruction. Take a look at the video below to see this firsthand.


Fluke IR-OptiFlexTM

Fluke IR-OptiFlexTM is available on Ti/TiR 110 and 125 Series Fixed-Focus thermal cameras. This technology gives you the option to use these focus-free cameras in manual focus mode if you need to. Any distance closer than 4 ft will require you to use manual focus mode. You can switch between modes easily with one button. Keep in mind this technology is not for everyone; manual focus will result in a higher frequency of inaccurate temperature readings. You will likely need both hands to manually focus properly and there is a learning curve. If these drawbacks worry you, go for a Fluke thermal camera with LaserSharp® Auto Focus.

Fluke SmartView® Software

Fluke's SmartView® software is included for free with each and every thermal camera Fluke sells. This software makes data analysis and reporting streamlined and easy. Simply load your images into the software to begin editing. One notable feature of the SmartView® software is the option it gives you to adjust the AutoBlendTM ratio of any image you have made. In other words, you can adjust the digital/thermal ratio of any image for clearer review or emphasis on important areas. Check out the image below to see the Fluke SmartView® software interface.

For complete Industrial Thermal Camera information, please view our Industrial Thermal Camera Buying Guide or call/chat with one of our Thermal Camera Specialists for immediate solutions.