Ideal Industries is headquartered in Illinois and was founded in 1916. It manufactures test and measurement equipment like thermal cameras, tools, and accessories that are guaranteed to provide a value greater than the price paid.

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Ideal was founded in 1916. At the time, founder J. Becker said that "An Ideal product will provide a value greater than the price paid for it. Service is a part of the product." This still holds true today. With almost 100 years of experience designing test instruments and tools for various industries, Ideal has established itself as a company that consistently provides great value in its products. Whether in electrical, DataComm, or wire processing markets, Ideal value is unmatched. The company's current subsidiaries Anderson Power Products, Casella Measurement, and Trend Communications keep with Ideal's mission to provide incredible value. Try their products and you will experience great value firsthand. You won't go back to anything else.
Ideal offers a line of thermal imaging cameras called the "HeatSeeker" series. These cameras offer more versatility than any other thermal camera because you have the option to use the pistol grip or remove it and hold the thermal camera as you would a standard digital camera. Each model comes with a 3.5" LCD screen and includes SD card storage for up to 2000 images. Readable temperatures range from -4°F to 1652°F with exact temperatures differing by model. Maximum resolution on the top HeatSeeker thermal cameras is 320x240. Combine these great features with Ideal thermal/digital image blending, picture in picture, and up to four independently movable cursors and you have the some of the best value in a thermal camera on the market today.