Testo has specialized in world-leading portable test and measurement instruments for over 50 years. They are recognized as a leading worldwide manufacturer of portable combustion efficiency analyzers and air emission analyzers.

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Testo has over 55 years of experience designing and manufacturing portable test and measurement equipment. The company is privately owned and based in Germany. Over the years Testo has acquired 24 subsidiaries including the company's American subsidiary, founded in 1981. From humble beginnings manufacturing simple electronic thermometers, Testo has been able to grow to become a leading worldwide manufacturer of sophisticated test equipment such as air velocity meters, refrigeration service analyzers, water analyzers, tachometers, sound, pressure and light meters, and thermal cameras.
Testo thermal imaging cameras are designed specifically for building thermography and maintenance. All Testo thermal cameras feature high temperature sensitivity in order to provide detailed building analysis. Why pay more for energy losses due to poor energy efficiency? Testo thermal imaging cameras can help you perform energy audits to ensure energy losses on outer windows and doors, roller blind casings, radiator niches, roof structures, or the entire building shell are a thing of the past. Testo thermal cameras are also designed for electrical maintenance. By analyzing the thermal state of electrical components with Testo's highly thermal sensitive cameras, users can easily identify electrical components or connections that are too hot. This can save a company millions that would have been lost due to dangerous fires and costly production downtimes.
Many Testo thermal cameras incorporate Testo's proprietary panorama image assist. This feature combines multiple thermal images for you for a more complete view of the area under test, resulting in increased energy performance. With panorama image assist users are able to identify thermal irregularities quickly across the entire surface of the building with a high degree of detail. Testo also incorporates its SuperResolution technology into its thermal cameras. SuperResolution is a revolutionary technology that, combined with deconvolution, improves pixel resolution by a factor of 4X and increases the geometric resolution of the thermal image by 1.6X. With greater resolution comes more detail so you can be extremely thorough in your diagnostics. Images can now be seen in better detail with more accurate temperatures so you can make the best maintenance decisions every time.

Current Statistics:
  • Revenue (2012): $299 million
  • Employees: 2,450
  • Subsidiaries: 24