Testo Industrial Thermal Cameras

Testo 875i-2 Adjustable Focus Thermal Imager Deluxe Kit (160 x 120 FPA), 33Hz

Catalog: 0563 0875 73

  • Detector Size: 160 x 120 Sensor
  • Thermal Sensitivity: 50 mK (NETD)
  • Temperature Range Max: 662 F
  • Temperature Range Min: -4 F
  • Image Frequency: 33 Hz
  • Field of View: 32x23 Degrees

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Testo Industrial Thermal Cameras

Testo offers an impressive variety of thermal imaging cameras. These cameras are designed primarily for electrical, mechanical, structural, R&D, and HVAC applications, however there are several Testo thermal cameras fully capable of food processing applications. Testo has dedicated years of effort to producing its current line of thermal cameras. Out of this the company has come up with an impressive array of unique features for its cameras. Browse through the features and specifications below to see why Testo thermal cameras are your best option.

Testo Thermal Camera Features

Testo Fully Radiometric Video

Testo Fully Radiometric Video is an extremely powerful tool for image analysis after image capture. Essentially, this technology allows you to capture thermal video in real time together with all the measurement data. Then when you play back the video later for review, the full range of analysis tools can be used. These include spot markers, hot/cold point markers and temperature profiles. Scale and palette can also be adjusted during replay in order to highlight areas of interest. The time stamp also indicates the time when the video was recorded so that the thermal video can be related to real events.

Testo Panorama Assist

An issue that you will likely face when using your thermal camera is the challenge of capturing large objects in the thermal camera's relatively small frame. To fix this problem, Testo created Panorama Assist. This technology effectively stitches a number of individual thermal images together in order to create one seamless image of the larger target. No longer do you need to worry about spatial constraints and maintaining the required level of image detail and resolution - with Panorama Assist large images retain maximum resolution and are easy to make.
The image below is an example of the Panorama Assist in-camera interface.


Testo SuperResolution

Testo SuperResolution technology improves thermal image quality by adding approximately four times as many pixels to every thermal image. A Testo thermal camera with 120x160 resolution using SuperResolution effectively has a resolution of 240x320. This is an additional, separate upgrade available from Testo for all its thermal cameras. With it thermal resolution up to 1280x960 pixels is possible.

Testo Thermal Imaging Video

Check out the video below for more information on Testo's powerful line of thermal cameras.


For complete Industrial Thermal Camera information, please view our Buying Guide or call/chat with one of our Thermal Camera Specialists for immediate solutions.