Wahl Instruments manufactures a variety of test and measurement instruments right here in the USA. The company was founded in 1953.

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Wahl Instruments was founded in 1953 as an innovative American thermometer manufacturer. Temperature measurement has been an integral part of the company since the day it was founded. Wahl released many great products in its 60+ years of manufacturing, including the first portable digital platinum-RTD thermometer, the first digital universal soldering iron tester, and the first portable, non-contact, handheld infrared thermometer at an affordable price. In recent years the company has become affiliated with Palmer Instruments, America's first thermometer company. If there's one area Wahl excels in, it is temperature.
Wahl offers a line of thermal cameras called the "Heat Spy" series. All these thermal cameras come with a no fault 2 year warranty. This means that Wahl will fix or replace your cameras for any reason in the first two years. These thermal cameras are designed with the professional in mind. Wahl has incorporated features that make documenting and preparing reports easy. Every image capture includes both a thermal and digital image. The camera can be set to automatically save images to a 2GB SD card for later analysis via PC. Resolution is also a crisp 160x120 pixels. Wahl is the only company in the thermal camera market today to offer upgradeable thermal cameras. This means that after purchase, you have the option to purchase wide angle or telephoto lenses or a high temperature upgrade package directly from Wahl. This way you save money initially and only have to spend what you need to improve your thermal camera's performance.