Wahl Industrial Thermal Cameras

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Wahl Industrial Thermal Cameras

Wahl offers a line of thermal imaging cameras called the Heat Spy Series. These cameras are fully capable thermal imaging tools for building inspectors and HVAC professionals. Wahl is so confident in its thermal cameras that the company has decided to offer a 48-hour money back guarantee on all thermal camera purchases. Additionally, Wahl's Spy Care No-Fault warranty plan is included with every thermal camera purchase. This means Wahl will repair or replace your camera up to two years after its purchase date, for any reason - even if it’s your fault!

Wahl Heat Spy Series

Included with every Wahl Heat Spy camera is a carrying case, wrist strap, lens cap, 2 rechargeable lithium ion batteries, video out cable, AC mains battery charger, report & analysis software, user manual, and a 2GB SD card and reader.

These cameras are designed to be upgraded modularly. This means that you can purchase one of Wahl's affordable, entry level Heat Spy thermal cameras and upgrade its temperature range, lens, and sensor as needed. Wahl offers upgrades that will take any Heat Spy camera from basic temperature range up to 212° to 1112°F. On top of this, Wahl offers a Wide Angle lens with a 35° x 26° FOV, and a Telephoto lens with a 8.75° x 6.5° FOV for enhanced long range performance.

Wahl Heat Spy thermal cameras also incorporate some special features. Wahl's "Double Vision" technology simultaneously captures both a Thermal and Digital picture, and can include up to a 45-second voice recording. Wahl Thermal Line Analysis gives the user the ability to display the temperature profile across either a vertical or horizontal line in a graphical format. This feature may be useful for example, for monitoring temperature uniformity on objects traveling on a conveyer, where there is not sufficient time to compare temperatures based on color.
Check out the video below for more information about the Wahl Heat Spy series of thermal cameras.


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