Argus developed the first ever thermal imaging camera over 40 years ago. Today the company is a globally trusted manufacturer of a broad line of thermal imaging cameras that you can count on when performance matters.

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Argus is a thermal camera manufacturer with an impressive history. Today the company is owned by e2v Technologies, a company with vast experience in thermal imaging that specializes in creating innovative solutions for high performance systems. The company's segments include RF power solutions, hi-rel semiconductor solutions, and high performance imaging solutions. Argus falls into the third segment. Examples of e2v's other achievements include work on the Airbus A380, multiple Boeing jets, the US Patriot missile defense system, and the Eurofighter Typhoon.
As a subsidiary of e2v, Argus is backed by a large and advanced support network. This source of technology and experience is incorporated into all Argus thermal imaging cameras. Argus developed the first ever thermal camera back in the 1980's. By combining that experience with a strong support network the company has created a product line featuring unmatched quality and capability. Argus thermal cameras are designed primarily to be reliable, robust, to display a clear thermal image, and ensure the safety of users. This is especially important with Argus fire fighting thermal cameras. Countless fire fighters use Argus thermal imaging cameras daily to save lives, and to protect the lives of other fire fighters. In addition to life-saving fire first responder thermal cameras, Argus also offers a range of thermal cameras for Law Enforcement, Security and Maritime industries.

The video below is a corporate overview of e2v Technologies.
It focuses on Argus and the company's powerful and diverse product line.

Current Statistics (e2v):
  • Sales (2012): $381.4 million
  • Employees: 1650
  • 200+ patents
  • Operations in Europe, USA, and Asia